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Troilus East Property

Troilus East Property

Project Highlights

Troilus East in Quebec’s New Lithium Frontier

Comet Lithium has identified lithium potential at its 100% owned Troilus East Property in James Bay, Québec. This discovery came after a review of previous exploration results from Troilus East, which had primarily focused on its gold-copper potential.

The Troilus East Property is strategically located, being contiguous to the eastern boundary of a large gold deposit that is being advanced to the Feasibility Stage by Troilus Gold. Furthermore, it lies on the contact of a significant granitic intrusion, the Parker Pluton, and the Frotet-Evans Greenstone Belt.

  • The property has never been explored for lithium, even though it is geologically similar to spodumene-bearing pegmatites of Lac Moblan, located about 50 km south.
  • Geological mapping shows granitic dykes and occasional pegmatite veins intruded in mafic rocks, which are often associated with spodumene-bearing cases in the James Bay region.
  • Out of 475 surface samples taken by Comet Lithium in 2020 targeting gold-copper, 95 samples showed anomalous lithium levels above 30 ppm.
  • Five distinct lithium target areas have been identified based on clusters of lithium values.
  • Elements like scandium, tin, and tungsten are present in the vicinity of some of the targets, indicating the potential influence of a large magmatic system.
  • Comet Lithium is currently considering options for a near-term follow-up program dedicated to exploring the lithium potential at Troilus East.

Unexplored Opportunity

Harnessing Troilus East’s Lithium