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Liberty Property

Liberty Property

Lithium Exploration

Comet Lithium’s Primary Asset in James Bay, Québec

Comet Lithium’s Liberty Property stands as a testament to the Company’s forward-thinking vision in the heart of Quebec’s prolific James Bay Region. As a focal point of Comet Lithium’s endeavors, the Liberty Property not only underscores the Company’s commitment to harnessing the vast lithium potential of the region but also positions it strategically amidst the evolving landscape of sustainable energy resources.

Strategically Positioned

Shining Bright Amidst James Bay’s Success Stories

Source: Winsone Resources’ press release dated  April 3, 2023:

Project Overview

Unearthing Potential

  • Five primary regional structures located in the amphibolite unit are cross-cut by east-northeast structures.
  • Ten identified structural intersections along strike with the Adina system could potentially host pegmatite intrusions and have been added as primary targets for the expected upcoming inaugural drill program of the Company.
  • The favorable structural setting at Liberty continues for over 6 km to the northeast.
  • The exploration team has completed an initial ground program covering approximately 90% of the 20 sq. km Liberty Property.
  • A total of 508 rock and soil samples have been collected at Liberty. Results are expected in the near future.
  • Exploration quickly transitioned to its second phase involving a soil survey to help identify drill targets.

Exploration Program

Navigating Liberty’s Lithium Treasures in James Bay.

Comet Lithium has initiated the planning and permitting process for its first drill program on the Liberty Property in James Bay, Québec.

Drill Program Evaluation:
The inaugural drill program is being evaluated based on structural lineament patterns connecting the Adina trend with the Liberty Property and the most recent field data.

Drilling Strategy: 
Multiple drill holes have been identified for the expected drilling program within the Trieste volcanic formation, which hosts spodumene bearing pegmatite.

Near-Term Drill Program

Planning and Permitting for Inaugural Drill Program

Pegmatite Discoveries:
In late August 2023, the Company announced that they had identified numerous pegmatite outcrops and glacial boulders on the Liberty Property.

Soil Survey: 
An extension of the Adina trend was covered with a soil survey after the first exploration phase, resulting in 272 samples.

Favorable Features: 
Recent field data has highlighted promising mineralogy and crystallization texture usually associated with spodumene-bearing pegmatites.

Drilling Orientation: 
Each hole is expected to be drilled in a north-south to north-west direction with a 45-degree dip, targeting magnetic contrasts.