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CEO Desk

CEO Desk

From Interim President & CEO, Mansoor Jan.

October 14, 2023

Comet Lithium Corporation (TSXV: CLIC) (“Comet Lithium” or the “Company”) is delighted to share a cascade of exciting news and significant milestones achieved in recent weeks, underscoring their steadfast commitment to advancing the Liberty Project in the James Bay region of Quebec.

“We are thrilled to update you on the flurry of activities that have unfolded at Comet Lithium Corp over the past four weeks, marking significant strides in expanding and deepening our understanding of the Liberty Project situated in the James Bay region of Quebec.”, Stated Mansoor Jan, Interim President/CEO, Comet Lithium Corp.

Key Accomplishments in the Second Half of September:

  • Comet warmly welcomed Paul Blatter to the Comet Lithium Board. Paul brings invaluable technical expertise that will undoubtedly steer the board’s technical capability to new heights.
  • Comet submitted three batches of rockchip for lab assessment. With 45 to 50 days turnaround, first batch results are due in next couple of weeks.
  • Comet has conducted rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) on soil samples from the Liberty Property, which have been dispatched to the laboratory for comprehensive geochemical analysis.
  • The LiDAR survey for the Liberty Property has been successfully completed, providing crucial data that will be instrumental for the progression of the Project.
  • Permits for Phase 1 drill targets at the Liberty Property have been duly submitted and approved, marking a significant milestone in the Project timeline.
  • An external consultant has been engaged to offer insights into the Adina trend structure. Their expert input will be integrated into the upcoming drilling program to enhance its effectiveness and precision.
  • The gravity survey at the Liberty Property is planned and mobilization of necessary equipment and contractors is imminent, setting the stage for the next phase of the Project.
  • The Troilus East field program has received the endorsement of the Board, underscoring its strategic importance and alignment with the corporate objectives.

Strategic Discussion:

Comet leadership is engaging on an ongoing basis with strategic investors and evaluating value assertive opportunities for the organisation and shareholders.

Social License to Operate:

The leadership team has actively engaged with First Nation Elders to foster a respectful and collaborative approach for the upcoming drilling activities at the Liberty Property. Furthermore, discussions have been initiated with neighboring communities to promote collective engagement with the First Nation, strengthening the social license to operate.

Branding & Investor Relations:

Comet Lithium is excited to announce the launch of their revamped website, offering a comprehensive overview of the potential of the Liberty and Troilus East Properties. This improved platform will serve as a valuable resource for esteemed investors in Australia and Canada, providing them with insightful information on Comet’s Projects.

What’s Next?

  • In the coming weeks, Comet Lithium will focus be on optimizing drill targets through the gravity survey and finalizing contracts with drilling contractors and field crews for the inaugural drilling at the Liberty Property. Comet is also exploring collaborations with multiple labs to expedite the turnaround times for assay results as part of the Liberty drilling program.
  • Additionally, Comet is considering establishing a satellite office in Val-d’Or, a pivotal location in the heart of the Quebec mining industry. This strategic presence will not only facilitate seamless collaboration with local government and community stakeholders, including the Cree Nation but also provide a platform for enhanced engagement and cooperation.
  • Mansoor Jan, Interim President/CEO, will be on the ground in Quebec, specifically in Royun Noranda, Val-d’Or, and Montreal, middle to backend of November, working closely with the dedicated leadership team to advance Comet’s multiple Projects.
  • Comet is navigating through the final months of 2023 with eyes set on the inaugural Liberty property drill program, and are committed to keeping valued shareholders informed of every milestone and achievement.